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Examples for DSGVO fines

Examples of GDPR fines: what happens in data protection

GDPR infringements are punished with heavy fines. In Germany, too, the first data protection fines amounting to millions have been enforced. Controls by the data protection supervisory authorities are increasing.

Data protection Fines

Data protection fine imposed on the Municipality of Oslo Education Authority

120.000 € because the security of the app "Skolemelding" for communication between school staff, parents and pupils was not guaranteed.
Data protection Fines

Hamburg imposes data protection fine on Facebook

The reason is the failure of the DPO to notify the supervisory authority. Find out what you have to consider when reporting.
Data protection Fines

Data protection fine for using the Bradford factor

Evaluation of sick days using Bradford factor violates DSGVO. Fines of 82,000 euros enforced.
Data protection Fines

Investigation by the Greek supervisory authority

E-mails from the employee concerned were rightly viewed by the employer. Company illegally monitors employees by video recording.
Data protection Fines

Data protection Fines Energy Italy 11 million euros

Violations by the company in relation to advertising and illegal contracts, instructions of the supervisory authority.
Data protection Fines

Privacy fine for pharmacy in London

£275,000, for a breach of the secure storage of special category data. Over 500,000 documents affected.
Data protection Fines

15000 Euro data protection fine Belgium

15,000 Euro fine for website operators for using tracking cookies without consent.
Data protection Fines

Data protection fine Swedish company

35,000 euros fine for violation of three Swedish laws at once. Information about creditworthiness published.
Data protection Fines

Highest data protection fine to date hits Delivery Hero

In August, the Berlin data protection commissioner had already imposed the highest German fine to date, amounting to 195,407 euros.
Data protection Fines

Data protection fine for the City of Oslo

EUR 50 000 fine for a serious infringement by the City of Oslo. Over a period of 11 years, patient data was incorrectly processed.
Data protection Fines

BfDI imposes fine on Rapidata GmbH

No appointment of a data protection officer despite repeated requests. Expensive even for small companies.
Data protection Fines

BfDI imposes fine on telecommunications service provider

1&1 Telecom GmbH has to pay a fine of EUR 9,550,000 for insufficient technical and organisational measures.
Data protection Fines

Data protection fine for hospital in Rhineland-Palatinate

In addition to various data protection violations, one patient was confused when he was admitted to the hospital.
Data protection Fines

Fines imposed on public bodies in Belgium

Data used without permission for election campaigns. You can read about why the Belgian supervisory authority punishes public bodies particularly severely in the article.
Data protection Fines

Data protection fine la Tribuna de Pamplona Spain

The portal La Tribuna de Cartagena published information about a person who was the victim of a crime in 2018 without their consent.
Data protection Fines

Data protection fine due to revocation of consent

To what extent did the company that was punished violate the DSGVO? What must be taken into account when revoking consent?
Data protection Fines

Million Euro fine against Deutsche Wohnen

On 05.11.2019, the Berlin data protection authority imposed a fine in an unprecedented amount. Deutsche Wohnen is to pay 14.5 million euros.
Data protection Fines

Fine imposed on Romanian company Artmark Holding SRL

The reason was the transmission of advertising messages by e-mail without the express and unambiguous consent of the persons concerned.
Data protection Fines

Polish fine public body

40,000 zloty against the Mayor of the City of Aleksandrów Kujawski. A reduction of the fine is not possible due to bad cooperation.
Data protection Fines

Fines against Raiffeisen Bank and Vreau Credit

The two organisations checked the creditworthiness of individuals. Personal information was exchanged using WhatApp.
Data protection Fines

Fines against Elefant Online

Fines for Elefant Online SA for e-mail communication that does not comply with DSGVO. What specific infringements caused the fine?
Data protection Fines

Romanian fine Inteligo Media

Fines for Inteligo Media SA due to e-mail communication not conforming to DSGVO. What specific infringements caused the fine?
Data protection Fines

18 million fine imposed on Österreichische Post AG

What specific infringements of the DSGVO are ÖPAG accused of? You will find all information in the article. Read now and learn from the mistakes of others.
Data protection Fines

Fines reach energy sector

Fines imposed by data protection authorities reach the energy sector. The Italian data protection authority imposed a fine of 2 million euros.
Data protection Fines

Facebook fine $5 billion

The unauthorised processing of Facebook user data by Cambridge Analytica resulted in financial fines and structural changes.
Data protection Data breach

Dutch fine against hospital

The Dutch supervisory authority imposed a fine on Haga Hospital for insufficient security of patient records.
Data protection Fines

DSGVO Fine British Airways

200 million fine for British Airways: the first fine enforced in the United Kingdom is surprisingly high, the airline announced an appeal
Data protection Fines

Fines enforced to date by supervisory authorities

These fines were enforced by regulatory authorities. Learn what went wrong and what you can do better yourself.
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