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About Robin Data
The idea of Robin Data

The idea

The head behind Robin Data's idea is Prof. Dr. Andre Döring. He is an expert in data protection and IT security with extensive experience as a data protection officer.

GDPR brought a high level of uncertainty to many of his customers. Plus, the administrative effort increased enormously. The search for a helpful tool was unsuccessful. This prompted the idea for Robin Data.


Prof. Dr. Andre Döring

The product

With the help of a network of highly experienced data protection experts, Robin Data was created - a professional data protection management software.

Users in companies as well as data protection officers can now easily manage their data privacy with Robin Data.



Professional data protection management software

A passion for data protection

A passion for data protection

Prof. Dr. Döring and his team are passionate about data protection. It is therefore a matter of the heart not to leave customers alone when it comes to data protection.

The Robin Data team is always available to answer your questions about data protection and will support you free of charge with missing documents or contracts.


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Prof. Dr. Andre Döring

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