Robin Data - Smart Data Protection

Data protection must be simple.

Robin Data shows you what you need to do to protect your privacy.

Since 25.05.2018, all companies, associations and freelancers have had to implement the Basic Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO). Small companies often lack the know-how and the time to do so. Or there is no money to appoint an external data protection officer. Robin Data is the solution that every user understands and can operate independently.

Robin Data - Intelligent Data Protection

At Robin Data, we are committed data protectors. Robin Data is a smart data protection platform with which data protection officers can independently implement data protection in compliance with the law. With Robin Data, data protection officers gain back a lot of time for the personal consultation of their customers. Our Data Protection Management as a Service promise consistently reduces the risk of fines and liability.
Robin Data is a brilliant idea. I am curious to see how it will be implemented!

Angelika Müller Data protection assisstant


The advantages at a glance

  • Implement data protection independently and time-efficiently through a guided smart process in compliance with the law and thus avoid fines.
  • Permanent tasks can be processed digitally and remain up-to-date without worrying about data protection
  • Save high costs for external data protection officers and avoid unrest in the company
  • Keeping an eye on all legal obligations without in-depth data protection knowledge

Robin Data - Our Company

Robin Data GmbH is an innovative legal tech start-up from the heart of Germany. The head behind the idea of Robin Data and the Smart Data Protection System is Prof. Dr. Andre Döring.

Prof. Döring is an expert in data protection, IT security and artificial intelligence and has extensive experience as a data protection officer in various industries and for companies of various sizes.

Prof. Döring and his team are convinced data protectors and believe that everyone can independently implement the topic of data protection.


Here Europe invests in the future of our country

Robin Data GmbH is supported by financial contributions from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


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Sascha Glowniewski