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Data protection can be a challenging task

What about your data protection?

Every company must deal with the topic of data protection and has to document the corresponding activities. For many companies, the implementation of the basic data protection regulation often seems complex and time-consuming. In many cases, the controller does not know where to start and how to integrate data protection into company processes.

Data protection made easy

Robin Data supports you in implementing your data protection!

The work of Robin Data is to make data protection easy for you.

In addition to personal advice provided by qualified data protection officers, we offer a data protection software that is pre-filled specifically for your industry. The processing activities, technical and organisational measures etc. that apply to you only need to be adapted. Initial tasks that need to be completed guide you step by step through the generation of your data protection documentation.

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Data Protection made easy

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Robin Data Software

Robin Data Software



Robin Data Software makes data protection easy - without any expertise necessary. Guided and automated, you can complete your data protection documentation in just a short time.

Select the sector that is appropriate for your company and most of the relevant information will automatically be filled out for you. Start directly without installation and get rid of time-consuming Excel solutions and lists.

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Digital and automated data protection software Digital and automated
Data protection software compliant with the law Compliant with the law
Effective and efficient data protection software Effective and efficient

Data protection officer

Data protection officer



Would you prefer to entrust the topic of data protection to professional hands? Robin Data's data protection officers have many years of industry-specific experience.

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Industry-specific data protection officers Industry-specific
Individual data protection officers Individual

Data protection officer cockpit


NEW: Cockpit for data protection officers

With the cockpit for data protection officers, your customers' data protection documentation is always just one click away. As a data protection officer, you reduce your consulting effort and increase your potential enormously.

Haeckchen Multi-client capable

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Data protection software

Already prefilled for more than 350 industries

Select the industry of your company

The Robin Data software is pre-filled for a great number of industries within the following six areas.


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Automatic preconfiguration of the software

A major part of the data protection documentation is now automated and legally compliant implemented.

Select and customise privacy information

You only have to select and customise the information in the data protection software. In this way, you can comply with data protection regulations in just a few steps and in a short time.

Data protection industry & handicraft




Industry & Handicraft Services & Retail

Data protection in health & pharmaceuticals


Data protection for the cultural and social sector


Health & Pharmaceuticals Cultural & Social


Data protection the e commerce and mail order business sector


Data protection in public institutions


IT Public institutions

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Data protection made easy

Robin Data helps you to make your company GDPR compliant - fast & easy! Request a free and unconditional consultation with us now!


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Whether large organisations or public authorities, medium-sized companies or lone fighters. Implementing data protection independently and without experience is time consuming and complicated. Robin Data is a professional data protection management software that supports you in implementing your data protection requirements. 

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Customised industry-specific solution

Robin Data software is preconfigured for you and takes industry-specific legislations into account. This makes it easier for you to implement your sectors data protection requirements.

Effective and time-saving

Fast-track implementation of GDPR requirements - task-based and independently. Reduce your effort to a minimum.

Regulatory-compliant and up-to-date

Essential documents and contracts have been developed in cooperation with attorneys. Employ Robin Data to reduce the risk of fines and liability.

Digital Data Protection

With Robin Data there is no need for time-consuming Excel solutions and lists. By implementing your data protection digitally and automatically, you increase your legal security and minimise your time and effort.  

Multilingual software

If you have employees of different nationalities or data processors abroad, it is necessary to make data protection regulations available in the national language. Robin Data supports you with multilingual documents.

First-class service

Customers can contact Robin Data at any time with questions regarding privacy. Robin Data provides industry-specific, practical answers and proactively informs you about new findings in data protection.  


Data protection for beginners

With Robin Data, anyone can easily implement GDPR requirements in a matter of hours that are legally compliant. 

For beginners
Data protection experts
Data protection coordinators, data protection officers

Reduce your administrative burden and gain time for your core business.

For experts

Data protection software

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