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The advantages

Robin Data’s Information Security Officers


Experienced Information Security Officer

Our Information Security Officers have extensive experience in establishing and managing an Information Security Management System (ISMS), are technologically well versed and have consulting experience.

They therefore have the skills to discuss the technical and organisational challenges and measures for setting up and operating an ISMS on equal footing with those responsible in the organisation.


Independent Information Security Officer

Our Information Security Officers can operate independently and without the need for directives.

As they can depend on further service providers of the Robin Data network, we can provide you with tailor-made solutions for further information security services.


Local Information Security Officer

The Information Security Officers at Robin Data work locally in Germany and are your local contact persons.

We can provide you with locally based Information Security Officers who will personally support you.

Management of your information security tasks

We advise company management on equal footing


Due to the many years of experience our Information Security Officers have, they discuss the technical and organisational challenges, measures and operation of a tailor-made Information Security Management System with those responsible in your organisation.

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External Information Security Officers save time and reduce liability risk

An external Information Security Officer functions as support and reduces the burden for companies. Often a company’s management is not sufficiently well equipped when it comes to protecting your information and securing your IT.

There is often a lack of trained employees who have the time to deal with the issue in depth. An Information Security Officer reports directly to the company management and functions as a central contact point.

There are decisive advantages for the company management, including the active implementation of risk management. In accordance with their legal obligations, they prevent possible damage from the company and thus reduce the personal liability risks.


Implement information security accurately and without problems


Regardless of whether ISO 27001, BSI basic protection or another IT security standard is the basis for information security, Robin Data’s certified Information Security Officers will develop, optimise and control your Information Security Management System (ISMS).

The value of the information in your organisation is determined, risks and protection requirements are identified, and appropriate measures are developed in close cooperation with the management, the data protection officer, the IT management and, if necessary, the staff representatives.

Vulnerabilities in your information processing are uncovered and systematically remedied- Measures are documented and their implementation monitored.

If requested, we will accompany your company during the certification of your information security.

Robin Data’s Information Security Officers

Our Services

Vulnerability audit (Delta Analysis)

First, the Information Security Officer audits the current status of the Information Security Management System (ISMS). This involves analysing the status of the information security documentation, conducting interviews on site and inspecting central data processing systems. This provides the basis for specifying further protection requirements, identifying weak points and, if necessary, other critical business processes.

Definition of an action plan

Next, the controller, together with the Information Security Officer, determines the necessary measures for the implementation of a personal Information Security Management System (ISMS). The action plan includes concrete project steps, controllers and the distribution of tasks.

Assessment of the need for protection

Then it is discussed what kind of protection your information needs and how much security is desired or legally required. The need for security is different for every situation, because e.g. a hospital has different information security requirements compared to a medium-sized industrial company.

The determined need for security is then used to classify the price model and calculate further costs. It is therefore the basis for further project planning.

Designation of Information Security Officer

The designation of an Information Security Officer is sealed with an official appointment certificate. Together with you, we implement the action plan based on the audit. Depending on the task at hand, further experts e.g. for networks, firewalls or other technologies can be called in as needed and after consultation with you.

Information Security Officer

Reduce your personal liability risk

Robin Data’s Information Security Officers have an eye on all relevant processes and take appropriate precautions.

An Information Security Officer relieves the management and reduces personal liability risk enormously!

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