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TISAX® requirements: Information on the question catalogue, maturity levels and certification. Prepare the assessment level and audit.

Understanding and implementing audit management: Step-by-step explanation, background information, examples and definitions. Read now!

Efficient asset management: structure, implementation, example for classes and categories, protection needs assessment. Read now!

Environmental management according to ISO 14001: structure, implementation, example of measures and requirements Environmental management system. Read now!

The occupational health and safety management system according to ISO 45001: structure, implementation, high level structure and information. Read now!

The most important things about quality management: tasks, norms and standards, and setting up a quality management system.

The most important facts about risk management: definitions, instruments, norms and standards and the structure of a risk management system.

The most important information on compliance management: corporate obligations, norms and standards, and setting up a compliance management system.

The Supply Chain Act (LkSG) came into force on 01.01.2023. Learn about the current regulations and obligations for companies in the article.

The most important facts about IT security incidents. Learn practical tips on recognising and dealing with IT emergencies in the article.