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All information on the technical organisational measures according to the GDPR. What do responsible parties have to observe during implementation and documentation?

All information on the data processing agreement according to GDPR. What do controllers have to consider when creating and managing?

What does passwordless authentication via FIDO2 mean? Why the password is obsolete and you should rely on the security standard!

Can Microsoft Office 365 be used in compliance with the GDPR? We show how the configuration complies with data protection.

The right to informational self-determination has increasing importance in the digital age and is directly related to data protection and the GDPR.

Detailed description of the data protection impact assessment pursuant to Article 35 of the GDPR as well as specifications for the practical implementation of the DPIA.

Data protection is generally the protection of personal data of each individual against their unauthorised collection, processing and disclosure.

All information on the legal situation and forms of data processing. Learn about lawful processing of personal data.

What is anonymous data? Difference pseudonymised data ✔ Relevance for data protection and GDPR.

Information by parents and concrete rules on media use are useful. How can the use of digital media be taught?