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Companies in the energy and environmental sector have to comply with extensive documentation and accountability obligations as well as measures for order processing and data transfer.

When personal data are transferred to third countries, the lawfulness of this transfer must be examined and possibly regulated by contract.

Data protection and marketing, marketing lives on data and is becoming more and more personalized, in addition, personal data is increasingly processed. In addition, there are new court rulings that directly affect marketing activities, we give an overview of data protection measures for the most important marketing areas.

Data protection also applies in craft enterprises, regardless of the size of the enterprise. Find out what you need to consider and what solutions are available.

The Privacy Shield regulates the data protection compliant transfer of personal data to the United States of America (U.S.).

When is an incident reportable? How can the risk be reduced? How to report data breaches correctly in accordance with the GDPR.

Content and application of the EU Data Protection Regulation: Basic principles, data subject rights, obligations for companies.