GDPR infringements are punished with heavy fines. Find out which data protection infringements are suspected and secure yourself.

The telecommunications operator was found to be involved in unlawful processing for marketing purposes. millions of people were affected.

120.000 € because the security of the app "Skolemelding" for communication between school staff, parents and pupils was not guaranteed.

The reason is the failure of the DPO to notify the supervisory authority. Find out what you have to consider when reporting.

Evaluation of sick days using Bradford factor violates DSGVO. Fines of 82,000 euros enforced.

E-mails from the employee concerned were rightly viewed by the employer. Company illegally monitors employees by video recording.

Violations by the company in relation to advertising and illegal contracts, instructions of the supervisory authority.

£275,000, for a breach of the secure storage of special category data. Over 500,000 documents affected.

15,000 Euro fine for website operators for using tracking cookies without consent.

35,000 euros fine for violation of three Swedish laws at once. Information about creditworthiness published.