40,000 zloty against the Mayor of the City of Aleksandrów Kujawski. A reduction of the fine is not possible due to bad cooperation.

The two organisations checked the creditworthiness of individuals. Personal information was exchanged using WhatApp.

Fines for Elefant Online SA for e-mail communication that does not comply with DSGVO. What specific infringements caused the fine?

Fines for Inteligo Media SA due to e-mail communication not conforming to DSGVO. What specific infringements caused the fine?

What specific infringements of the DSGVO are ÖPAG accused of? You will find all information in the article. Read now and learn from the mistakes of others.

Fines imposed by data protection authorities reach the energy sector. The Italian data protection authority imposed a fine of 2 million euros.

The unauthorised processing of Facebook user data by Cambridge Analytica resulted in financial fines and structural changes.

The Dutch supervisory authority imposed a fine on Haga Hospital for insufficient security of patient records.

200 million fine for British Airways: the first fine enforced in the United Kingdom is surprisingly high, the airline announced an appeal

These fines were enforced by regulatory authorities. Learn what went wrong and what you can do better yourself.