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Data protection software: legally compliant, industry-specific, time-saving

Data Protection made easy


Prefilled for your industry

Following your first login, technical and organisational measures or processing activities are already provided specifically for your industry.

Legally compliant documentation

All contents of the data protection software have been developed in cooperation with lawyers. The documentation contains all information for authorities.

Reliable software

We develop our software in Germany, your data and the Data of your customers are stored in a
ISO / IEC 27001 certified data center.

data protection software


With the Robin Data Software, data protection is made easy. Without any specialist knowledge, you can complete your data protection documentation in a short time, guided and automated.

Select the appropriate industry for you and much of the relevant information is automatically pre-filled for you. Start directly without installation and say goodbye to cumbersome Excel lists.

software data protection officers


NEW: Cockpit for data protection officers

With the Cockpit for Data Protection Officers, your customers' data protection documentation is always just a click away. As a data protection officer, you reduce your support costs and increase your potential enormously.

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Complete data protection digitally!

Only by specifying your industry when completing the registration process, a large part of the data protection documentation, specifically for your industry, will be pre-filled.

Save time-consuming research and benefit from processing activities or TOMs that lawyers and data protection officers have developed together with us.
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  • Quick start based on initial activities in the software
  • Easy-to-follow introduction to all areas of the software
  • Overview of user activities

Activity manager

  • Overview of all data protection activities  
  • Activities are classified according to the legally required tasks of a data protection officer 
  • Coming soon: Automatic task reminders, e.g. deletion activities  
  • Coming soon: Retrieval of an activity report 

Records of processing activities

  • Industry-specific pre-selection of relevant processing activities
  • Automatic assignment of legal bases from the GDPR
  • Legally compliant documentation of all processing activities 

Erasure concept

  • Legally compliant deletion concept
  • Legal retention periods serve as a basis for the definition of deletion periods
  • Deletion rules enable the implementation of the deletion concept
  • Deletion processes are documented as an activity 
  • Documentation of the integrated disposal service providers
  • Coming soon: Automated creation of a basic deletion concept from the existing processing activities that is compliant with the legal requirements

Data protection impact assessment

  • Evaluation and classification of your risks in processing activities 
  • Performing data protection impact assessments on processing activities in a simple process 
  • Coming soon: Automated recommendations for the elaboration of data protection impact assessments on specific processing activities


  • Simple documentation of contracts, e.g. order processing contracts 
  • Assignment of contracts to processing activities and external contacts, e.g. service providers or business partners 
  • Overview of all documented contracts    
  • Coming soon: Legally compliant contract creation in the software 

Technical and organisational measures (TOMs)

  • Industry-specific pre-selection of relevant TOMs, including exemplary defined or industry-standard measures
  • Classification of TOMs according to the standard data protection model of the German supervisory authorities


  • Data protection software available in nine languages
  • All data protection relevant contents such as processing activities or TOMs can be translated into all provided languages
  • Coming soon: Automatic translation function for the user

Cockpit for data protection officers

  • Administration of all clients via one central interface
  • Optimized for external data protection officers who support multiple organizations


Available in 9 languages!

Our privacy software is already available in nine languages. So you can document your data protection simultaneously for your national and international locations.


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Get data protection compliant in 120 minutes

Step 1


Enter industry and basic data

Step 2


Select and adjust existing data if necessary

Step 3


Dealing with associated contracts and risks

Step 4


Approve TOMs and deletion concept

Step 5


Initiate employee training

data protection easy

Data protection for beginners

Data protection software für beginners

You have no experience with data protection? With the data protection software of Robin Date you implement your data protection in a guided way. Save time-consuming research: a large part of the data protection documentation is already provided for your industry.
Subscribe, customize, done!
And if you have any questions about data protection: customers of Robin Data can contact our privacy experts at any time.

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Data protection software for experts

Are you responsible for data protection in your company or are you a data protection officer? Robin Data's data protection software supports you in your data protection activities. Work more effectively and efficiently and achieve more in less time.


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data protection for experts

Data protection for experts

Data protection software prices

Depending on the needs of your company, the scope of services you need also varies. You can therefore choose different packages. As a rule, each Robin Data package provides you with complete and legally compliant data protection documentation.


Test Robin Data completely free of charge. The trial period ends automatically. You do not have to cancel anything.


The starter package for self-employed and small businesses.


The comprehensive package for medium-sized companies.


The comprehensive package for large companies.



Categories of personal data

Depending on the category of personal data, different data protection standards must be observed. Sensitive personal data and therefore particularly sensitive categories are processed in the health care sector, among others. A joint practice of doctors is to be classified differently than a car repair shop. If you are unsure about the personal data that your company processes, we will be happy to advise you.

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Number of locations of the company

Small companies with only one location usually have lower requirements for corporate data protection. This changes as soon as the company has several locations, especially at home and abroad. Send us a non-binding inquiry and we will discuss your business situation individually.

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Multilingual use of the software

Companies that employ staff of different nationalities or have locations in different countries must document their data protection measures in different languages and make them available to employees for training purposes, among other things. We will discuss your specific needs in a preliminary meeting and advise you on our packages.

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No matter which package you choose, you will of course benefit from our first-class service in any case: you can always ask us general questions on the subject of data protection. Robin Data provides you with solution-oriented answers and advises you on a sector-specific basis. And if you miss anything, Robin Data will be happy to provide you with missing content.
Industry specific preconfiguration

The Robin Data software is preconfigured for you by the specification of your industry sector. This allows you to understand your industry’s privacy requirements and meet them more easily.

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Recurring tasks

The documentation of certain processing activities is a recurring task. A dashboard is used to automatically assign such activities to you as tasks.

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GDPR-compliant content

By working closely with legal experts, Robin Data guarantees legally compliant templates and documents.

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Current information

Receive important information and innovations for the implementation of your data protection. Always stay up to date with Robin Data.

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Extensive templates

Templates are necessary to meet certain data protection requirements. Robin Data already provides a large part of these templates. Should you be missing a template, we guarantee to deliver it to you.

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Questions about data protection

Robin Data customers can ask our experts questions about data protection at any time. 

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If you have employees of different nationalities or data processors abroad, it is necessary to make data protection regulations available in the national language. Robin Data supports you with multilingual templates or legislative texts.

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Data Protection Academy

Our blog regularly provides information on current issues relation to data protection.

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Data protection made easy

Industry-specific, legally compliant, time-saving.
With Robin Data for data protection conformity.

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