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In August, the Berlin data protection commissioner had already imposed the highest German fine to date, amounting to 195,407 euros.

EUR 50 000 fine for a serious infringement by the City of Oslo. Over a period of 11 years, patient data was incorrectly processed.

Data protection balance sheet 2019: high implementation costs hinder companies, number of data protection fines rising. Find out more in our GDPR info graphic.

Lufthansa's frequent flyer programme confirms data breakdown. Thousands of users had access to foreign profiles.

No appointment of a data protection officer despite repeated requests. Expensive even for small companies.

1&1 Telecom GmbH has to pay a fine of EUR 9,550,000 for insufficient technical and organisational measures.

Data protection and video surveillance: How can you apply the BVerwG ruling to your practice?

Data protection in the USA: How are start-ups supported in the USA and which cybersecurity companies are there.

In addition to various data protection violations, one patient was confused when he was admitted to the hospital.

Data used without permission for election campaigns. You can read about why the Belgian supervisory authority punishes public bodies particularly severely in the article.