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DSGVO strengthens EU market power, enforcement must become more efficient, more clarity on interpretation by authorities and courts

In December 2019, 250 million support requests to Microsoft were available online for two days. Security researchers reported the data breach to Microsoft.

Over 2.5 million German customers affected. High potential for abuse, use your right to information and ask if you are affected.

E-mails from the employee concerned were rightly viewed by the employer. Company illegally monitors employees by video recording.

Violations by the company in relation to advertising and illegal contracts, instructions of the supervisory authority.

As of 14.01.2020 there are no more security updates. Find out why this means a high risk for data protection and IT security.

£275,000, for a breach of the secure storage of special category data. Over 500,000 documents affected.

15,000 Euro fine for website operators for using tracking cookies without consent.

The British government publishes the addresses of around 1000 celebrities, politicians and private individuals who receive the traditional New Year's honours.

An employee unintentionally sent delivery and turnover data of 211 pharmacies by fax. Data protection officers were involved.