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The data protection officers of Robin Data form a large network of qualified data protection experts and lawyers. This enables us to provide you with legally compliant, always up-to-date and industry-specific information on data protection and data security. 

Our personal data protection consultation is based on content created by lawyers and is approved by German supervisory authorities. Robin Data thus offers you maximum security for your data protection. In this way you reduce your risk of legal warnings or fines to a minimum.


Data protection as individual as your needs


Robin Data provides you with data protection officers who have industry-specific experience in a variety of industries.


A personal consultation guarantees a range of services that is individually tailored to your business needs.


Robin Data qualifies its data protection officers according to defined quality criteria. In this way we ensure a high level of data protection expertise.

Our Services for you

Initial assessment of data protection situation

Initial assessment of data protection situation

Initial documentation of the data protection management system according to your individual requirements.  This includes the following services, usually on site:

If effective solutions for specific problems are possible in the initial process, these are implemented directly.

  • Definition of the data protection organisation
  • Review and, if necessary, adapt the websites privacy policy
  • Preparation of the list of processing activities
  • Inclusion of necessary data protection impact assessments
  • Inclusion of necessary order processing contracts
  • Inclusion of necessary transnational data protection regulations
  • Inspection of data security and defining an action plan
  • Creation of a deletion concept
  • Implementation of key user trainings
  • Inclusion of the necessary information duties

External data protection officer

external data protection officer

The monthly fee for ordering an external data protection officer includes the following services:

  • Position as an external data protection officer pursuant to Article 38 GDPR
  • Fulfilment of the legal duties of a data protection officer pursuant to Article 39 GDPR
  • Use of the Robin Data Software
  • Service hours per year specified in the package, to the packages

Prices external data protection officer

Robin Data is pleased to provide you with a regional, external data protection officer suitable for your needs. The cost of the external data protection officer depends on the level of your data protection requirements.
In addition to the monthly costs, there is a onetime audit fee. All packages include the license fee for the Robin Data data protection software.


Low data protection requirements; no processing of specific personal data.

149 € / month1

+ 999 € onetime audit fee²
Features in detail

Professional M

Medium data protection requirements, processing of specific personal data, profiling activities.

259 € / month1

+ 1599 € onetime audit fee²
Features in detail

Professional L

Higher data protection requirements, processing of specific personal data, professional confidentiality, significant data processing.

359 € / month1

+ 2399 € onetime audit fee²
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High data protection requirements; comprehensive processing of specific personal data.

499 € / month1

+ 2999 € onetime audit fee²
Leistungen im Detail

Frequently asked questions

Any company in which 20 or more persons are engaged in the automated processing of personal data requires a data protection officer.

If a company provides, collects or processes personal data, it also needs a data protection officer (e.g. credit agencies, market research companies).

If a company processes particularly sensitive data such as credit ratings or health records, it is also obligated to appoint a data protection officer, regardless of the number of employees.

If you are unsure whether your company needs a data protection officer, we will be happy to advise you. Please use our contact form below.

The duties of a data protection officers can be divided into the following categories:

1. Internal tasks in the company

  • Regular monitoring of compliance with the GDPR and other data protection regulations

  • Training and advising of employees responsible for data processing in the company

  • Advice on the implementation of a data protection impact assessment

2. Cooperation with the regulatory authority

  • Support in cases of problems with the supervisory authority

3. Contact point for those who are affected

  • Contact for questions on data protection

4. Contact person for the company

  • Regarding all concerns relating to the management of user and customer data

  • Professional qualifications

  • Specialised knowledge regarding data protection rights and data protection practices

  • Ability to perform tasks required of a data protection officer

Our price model is individually tailored to the needs and data protection requirements of your company. You can find an overview and initial price classification here. We will be happy to advise you personally, please contact us with your inquiry using the contact form.

Yes. If your company has several locations, a data protection officer can be assigned to these sites. Robin Data’s partner network supports you with experts wherever you are.

No, data protection officers are not personally responsible for the compliance with legal regulations. The responsible party is the always respective company. The role of a data protection officer is to advise and support.

The experts from Robin Data have years of industry-specific experience in data protection and work guaranteed legally compliant content, developed in collaboration with attorney.

  • Specialized, regionally available experts for specific industries
  • Contact for questions about data protection
  • Guaranteed legal compliance
  • Support in case of problems with the data protection authority

Organize data protection internally?

Our software supports you in implementing the requirements of the GDPR by yourself in a time-saving way.


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