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Implement data protection easily
Are you new to the subject of data protection? No problem. Robin Data helps you as a beginner to easily manage data protection. You do not need specialist knowledge or expensive experts to get started quickly because the software guides you specifically through the data protection maze and is aware of the requirements in your industry. So you can save hassle and money.
Implement data protection independently and easily

Implement data protection independently and easily

Legally compliant and always up to date

Legally compliant and always up to date

Ask questions free of charge at any time

Ask questions free of charge at any time

Save time and money

Save time and money


Data protection has never been easier than with Robin Data


Robin Data supports you step by step as a beginner and explains the tasks involved in implementing data protection and data security easily comprehensible. Thus, your start will be completely uncomplicated and you gain time for your core tasks. 

You will never walk alone: Ask any questions arising – free of charge and at any time. Robin Data guarantees solution-oriented and practically relevant answers.

We are convinced that anyone can implement the essential GDPR requirements in all of 120 minutes - even without data protection expertise.

Get started right away

In 2 hours to data protection conformity

Step 1

+5 MIN

Enter your industry and basic data

Step 2

+30 MIN

Select and, if necessary, adjust procedures

Step 3

+15 MIN

Edit commissioned data processing contracts and risks

Step 4

+60 MIN

Release TOMs and erasure concept

Step 5

+10 MIN

Trigger employee training

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