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According to Art. 33 GDPR, data breaches must be reported to the supervisory authority. Examples of data breaches in data protection.

Entering a postcode and e-mail was sufficient to view third party data. The autofill function is to blame.

In December 2019, 250 million support requests to Microsoft were available online for two days. Security researchers reported the data breach to Microsoft.

The British government publishes the addresses of around 1000 celebrities, politicians and private individuals who receive the traditional New Year's honours.

An employee unintentionally sent delivery and turnover data of 211 pharmacies by fax. Data protection officers were involved.

Allegedly deleted data on a hard drive came into circulation: Some 12,000 documents, e-mails and passwords were released.

The Swedish fashion house H&M is accused of having sounded out its employees. This also involved sensitive health data.

Lufthansa's frequent flyer programme confirms data breakdown. Thousands of users had access to foreign profiles.

Nationwide NDR survey revealed that patient data is sent to the wrong recipients. Now data protection is threatened with a fine.

Patient data of a medical practice publicly accessible for several months. The reason was a weakness of the router used.