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Service and warranty

Industry-specific preconfiguration

The Robin Data software is preconfigured for you by the specification of your industry sector. This allows you to understand your industry’s privacy requirements and meet them more easily.

Recurring tasks

The documentation of certain processing activities is a recurring task. A dashboard is used to automatically assign such activities to you as tasks.

GDPR-compliant content

By working closely with legal experts, Robin Data guarantees legally compliant templates and documents.

Current information

You receive important information and innovations for the implementation of your data protection. Always stay up to date with Robin Data.

Extensive templates

Templates are necessary to meet certain data protection requirements. Robin Data already provides a large part of these templates. Should you be missing a template, we guarantee to deliver it to you.

Questions about data protection

Robin Data customers can ask our experts questions about data protection at any time. 


If you have employees of different nationalities or data processors abroad, it is necessary to make data protection regulations available in the national language. Robin Data supports you with multilingual templates or legislative texts.

Data Protection Academy

Our blog regularly provides information on current issues relation to data protection.

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